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USAFA Class Paintings & Prints Store...
By Richard R. Broome

Welcome to the USAFA Class Painting & Prints Store.

To All of our collectors! Simply put, we are out of business. The loss of the project we created in order for the Academy to build bridges in the community and openly, "break tradition", has been nothing short of catastrophic. Although we are still "open" we are only open to sell what we can and as much as we can. We will not survive this final effort and the woke have again, come out on top. With that, we are selling everything at discounted pricing. This does not include framing as we will be removing the option due to the cost. We cannot offer the framing at discount because we need to sell at least 50 per year in order to receive that pricing. Therefore, we are paying retail for all prints that are on order for framing.

Thank you to all of our collectors and supporters within the USAFA Community. It was an honor. We will eventually be forgotten and probably soon. With that, all we can say is that we did our best to represent your history on Canvas!

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