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People are always asking me what is my favorite painting? Well this is it. Our totally giving Son James Broome was only two years old when I was creating this painting for the USAFA “Spirit of ‘76” I was on a marathon painting schedule to complete this 1976 Class Painting. I took a nap. A little while later Billie found Jamie on top of my awesome art table painting away! She immediately called my Mom; what to do? “Well you better wake him up!” Miss Billie told Jamie”Don’t you move!” She ran upstairs and woke me up saying “”Rick, you better come quick. Jamie got a little paint on your F-15 painting!” My dream just became a possible nightmare as I scurried to my Studio. James was still holding a big paint brush in his tiny little hand. It wasn’t a little paint; it was the whole tube of white!” I picked up my son and sat him right in the middle of the now ruined original painting. He wet his pants! I asked Jamie: “Son! What were you doing?” As long as I live I shall never forget his answer: “Daddy I was just trying to help you paint the clouds!”

According to the Bible the Greatest Sin is disloyalty. And that is exactly what has been to our family time and time again by both USAFA and their graduate association the AOG. For a place that claims it’s Cadets and graduates are among the smartest people in America what they have done to our family — time and time again since 1979 — is beyond incredibly stupid. Its elitist, selfish, arrogant and just plain dumb. Beyond these bold accusations some of the things done to us is above the law. Our First Amendment Rights were trampled. First in 1979 over the LCWB farce. We got blacklisted for a year by General Richards. Then in 2004 the Commandant locked us off the property again because the painting I created for the Class of 2005 had the infamous “Bring Me Men…” sign above the battle ramp. Brother Matt Colvin had the idea for this very complicated work of fine art. Cadets were also prohibited from bringing their 2005 Class Prints on the Academy too. So this is obviously political discrimination. Stay tuned for more. The USAFA graduates behind all of these political and truly Evil acts against us are an extremely small but tight group of elitist Bullies! They must be real proud to pick on Artists.

Future Historians will record the Truth. And that is the fact that the very place we loved the most — and chose to honor our entire lives — just lost the best Father and Son Team of Artist’s ever created.

Shame on everyone who supported their evil plan and their obvious disloyalty…the

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