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This painting captures exactly what it looked like at United Spot 19 in the hangar area at LAX on January 17, 1971. There was one write up on N8019U fleet 2619. A missing checklist. My pal Gary Rubel towed me from the terminal area to the hangar. With the DC-8 the mechanic had to actually “steer” the tiller wheel so the boggie swivels would keep the mains from being scrubbed in turns. Piece of cake. It was also very very foggy plus I worked the radios with ground and also handled the brilliant outboard landing lights. On except facing an oncoming airliner landing on 25R. Nothing to really be concerned with because it was so foggy at about 05:00 that nobody landed anyway. Gary no doubt got cold; he never complained anyway. No doubt the Day shift guys would be pissed in the morning because I closed the cabin door, parked the stairs; and rolled them down. The sun began to rise as I left my headset on the nose gear steering actuators signifying the end of my work as a United Airlines A&P. I was headed to Boeing 727 FE School. Rubel still remembers this too. A little while later the guys had a going away gift for me. The missing Check List. I’ve still got it..

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