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We lost our precious Lisa Kay

This is absolutely the most horribly difficult thing I’ve ever had to write. I’m conflicted because I know the response I would have gotten had she known. That said, I have to say something because my Sister was so loved and everyone who knew her would absolutely attest to that.

Lisa died 8/19 at 4:30pm under extreme circumstances. She was sick, very sick, and nobody knew it. We didn’t know because that’s how she was. She never complained and never let on to the severity of anything that affected her! She just said “Fuck it, nobody else will do it so just Fuck it!” 😆

Her loss is devastating but the suffering, is for the living! I know for a fact that she would be so pissed off at me if she saw me heehawwing about her! But damnit, I will!

She was my Rock in our immediate family and I was hers. We relied on each other for comfort, advice, a sounding board, someone to bitch with, to laugh, share meal pics with, critique cakes, etc., etc. We valued each other’s input, even when it wasn’t what we wanted to hear! Whenever there was a problem, a triumph, a success or a failure, we shared it with each other first!

Knowing what happened to her is NOT comforting. It’s horrific. But I know that she was in the best possible hands and I thank God so much that the trauma surgeon that was caring for her was someone I know and have known for many years! Thank you Tiffany for giving her the care and decency you provided. I wish you’d have known her in life! She was a light of all lights!

To everyone that she touched out there, know she loved you so much! You all meant so much to her!

I do not know what plans will be made for her but I believe we will have a celebration of life for family and close friends. I know she wouldn’t want anyone to make a fuss! I will honor that and will do nothing short of just honor her memory.

I do ask for some level of privacy. I can’t answer so many so soon. I’ve already been overwhelmed with support. Just know I appreciate every word, every prayer, so much and I know she does as well!

I will end by saying please, for the love of God, love those close to you! Embrace them and don’t let Any Fukin thing stop you from it! Life is so fragile! God will take you at any moment! Don’t be left with regret. You never know when your words or actions will be the last with someone you care and love. Don’t think there’s time, because there isn’t!

I will miss you Lisa! I miss you already and wish I could hear your voice again. I know I will! I just have to wait!

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