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It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of Marsha E. Broome, "Billie" on January 16, 2024.

Billie was an incredible spouse, mom, and friend to all! She brought us all an undeniable sense of comfort and endless love. There is no doubt that her loss will be felt by many. 

Billie always put the needs of others ahead of her own. She worked tirelessly, day in and out to make sure that everyone was taken care of. Especially her husband, Rick. She never let anything hold her back, and never complained. She did everything with great purpose, regardless of the task at hand. 

As we mourn her passing, the Studio will be closed. All current projects and order fulfillment will be paused as we take the time to honor her life.

Thank you for all of your support and understanding during this difficult time. We will be having a small,

personal memorial in the spring, to honor her final wishes. 



Every one of our collectors is important to us! We have always gone the extra mile to make sure our collectors receive something that far exceeds the cost. We value our collectors because without you, we don't have a way to share our artwork. ​ The past year and a half has tested our resolve. We lost the project the Rick Pioneered, have faced extreme adversity, and lost loved ones. Most recently, we lost Billie Broome. She was Rick's wife and was his everything. If you have ever visited the Studio, you would have likely met Billie first. She will never be replaced. ​ Due to the loss of our only project, we had to decide what to do. We needed to raise money and find a way to gracefully close down a business that was 50 years in the making. We prioritized what we could do and felt that an inventory reduction blow out sale would be our best option. We launched the sale in early September. We felt this was a great way to share our talents with our collectors but our expectations were way below what actually happened. The sale was the most successful marketing campaign we have ever had. We sold more editions in September than we usually sell in a year. But it didn't stop there. By the end of December, we had sold more prints than we had for the previous 4 Class Print Projects. This was amazing, but it's presented us with a major problem. We do not have the personnel, or staff, to keep up with our Normal standards for delivery. In fact, the fulfillment of all the orders is done by only ONE person. That takes time. A lot of time to be exact! ​ Our Normal delivery timeframe is between 5-7 days on single print orders that are unframed. Our Normal schedule for framed editions is 1-3 weeks. By the end of September, that timeframe jumped to 2-4 weeks for unframed and 4-6 weeks for framed editions. That timeframe changed again by the end of November to 3-6 weeks for unframed and 5-9 weeks for framed editions. Now, with the loss of Billie, we are sitting at 4-8 weeks for unframed and 6-12 weeks for framed editions. Those are also only averages as some may take longer to deliver due to several other key factors. Because of this, we have decided that we are going to have to put an OPEN timeframe on all orders. We are doing all we can, but it's a lot to ask of one person to deal with. ​ With that said, we are going to try and bring in help so that we can make sure to get out orders immediately that have been delayed for more than 5-6 months. We have to get in front of this or we will end up losing collectors and having people post negative comments about us. This is normal, no one is perfect, but some of the comments and messages we have received have been anything but nice. In Fact, some have been outright false and extremely offensive!  ​ Starting next week, we are going to work from back to front. Our goal is to get all orders on the books out by March 15, 2024. We are also going to a set schedule and will only ship TWO days a week. This will allow us three days to fill the orders. It will still be a daunting task, but we will get Every Single Order out to everyone that ordered!  ​ We appreciate your patience and your understanding. This is something we have never had to deal with before. Distractions do happen and we do understand that it's frustrating. We are also beyond frustrated, we are overwhelmed! The loss of Three family members has kept us in a constant state of grieving. It has almost been unbearable at times. We will not let that deter us though and will make sure that our collectors receive their artwork ​                          With Great Respect! Broome Studios


If you have an Order on the Books, whether it's a Commissioned Piece, or Starlite, OR you have a print on order from a recent class that has yet to be completed, what we are selling has Nothing To Do With those commissions...What we are selling is Inventory Only. This includes Overprints, Misprints, Exchanges, & Proofs. We are also offering all of our Lithographs for sale at Reduced Pricing!

Sunset from the Airplane Window



Buy One & Get A Second Chapel Print for 30% OFF!

Plus, We have remaining stock of our Silver Distressed Frame!

Frame Special is Listed at Wholesale! Offer available while supplies last!!!

To Order, Click the Image above!

Contact the Studio...

NOTICE:The E-mail contact option has been seriously compromised and completely over run with spam. Over 10K emails are currently in the inbox. DO NOT email until further notice. ONLY messages sent through the site will be answered. Simply fill out the Quick Contact Form below. If you need immediate assistance, please TEXT us at the number below. Our phone lines are monitored and all incoming calls are screened. If you call any of the numbers that have been listed, you will not get through unless you TEXT First. This allows us to crosscheck your number with any orders on file and then add you to our accepted contacts list. Voicemail for all the lines that have been listed has issues as well. If you call and try to leave a voicemail, it will be archived or deleted.  An alternate email is also available, but it is not monitored daily. This email is only used for business info and is checked usually once a week. Both the Phone Number and Email that are monitored are below. The BEST way to reach us is through the site Contact Form Below. By sending a message through the Site, we will get an immediate Push Notification. We apologize for the inconvenience! We do not have a staff or any help at all. By limiting the options to contact us, this allows us to keep everything in one place and in front of us. Communication is far better this way and makes sure you do not get lost in the mix...

                    EMAIL: RICKBROOMESTUDIOS@GMAIL.COM (Only checked once a week).
                    PHONE: TEXT ONLY- 719-930-3755
Contact Form...We will generally answer within a few hours of sending. 

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