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The End of an Era!

To All of our Friends, Collectors, and all those that became family...The day has come and it's as sad as imagined! Today is Truly an end of an Era!!! Rick Broome Studios Can go no further and will be stopping all production immediately! We have lost too much and we must put our energy into our lives and what time is left. Not hoping for a miracle...


Collectors with Art Print Orders still pending and on the books:


We pushed as long as possible but it just got way to difficult with the three family deaths and the deteriorating health of the Artist! Business operations manager and art director, James Broome, has also been hit harder than ever with health concerns and no ability to get help to complete what used to be easy. He is lucky to get in 8 hours a week now due to all the time required in helping Rick, caring for his family and doing so without a paycheck or salary. It is destroying his health as well. It's impossible to manage and run a business without consistent income, Period! we have to shut it down!


Understand, we currently can't get more than 10-12  orders completed per week  at most. It is going to take time. However, Art is a Finite commodity and one thing is for sure, YOU CAN'T RUSH ART!  So, If you don't mind a wait, please order. It will get done but on the Studios time...


That is also what is going to happen to all orders currently on the books and still pending. We are doing what we can when we can! We know many have waited a long time. We understand the frustration. However, we have been decimated from top to bottom and One person can only do so much! Your art will be sent out as soon as humanly possible. Please understand our situation and know we are doing our best to continue to live. Still Want To Order? Clock is now Ticking!!! If anyone still wanting the opportunity to order your Class Painting, or if you have your eye on something else, you have until April 30 to order. if you do order  anything between NOW and May 1, it will take as long as it will take to get it completed.  The timing still will be as able. If you don't mind a wait, please order. It will get done but on the Studios time...ALL Print Orders will be taken down as of May 1, 2023. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!


Starlite Collectors:


Rick had to have cataract surgery on both eyes. He is still recovering, but apparently, He was so obstructed, it changed how he had to paint. He is about 60-70% Healed now and is actually excited about finishing up the ones he has because he can see again. Vision is highly overrated, unless you're an artist. without your Vision, I guarantee your art won't be all that pretty!  With that, what's next?


Rick Broome Studios and All of its remaining Original Artwork, Inventory, Historical Assets, Aviation Memorabilia, Rights, and anything else related to the 50 Year Business and sole aviation art career is FOR SALE, or will be Liquidated Piece by Piece.


If you are interested in the full collection of extremely valuable, artistic and Historical materials which is beyond what I can put online, Please contact James Broome Directly.


Otherwise, All of the above will be offered to those who want it for what someone is willing to pay.I will not be putting prices on Originals or Other Valuable Assets. If you want to make me a legitimate, NON INSULTING Offer, Please do!


Just so you know what a non insulting offer would be, let me break it down. Rick's Painting Style is called "old world flemish." His paintings are done with transparent paint which creates a special look. That style takes time!!! A Single Class Painting by Rick would take between 950-2500 Hours to Create, Start to finish. For Example; Take the 2012 Class Painting. It isn't as large, and it didn't take as long,  but the total time to create was 812 Hours (Done on purpose). That's just over 20 weeks to create considering a 40 hour work week. See painting below and Yes, it is framed and available....The title of the 2012 Official Class Painting, by Richard R. Broome, "Attention To Detail!"

​McDonalds Employees make $15-$20 per hour. Let's call it $17.50. so if this were one of those Amazing Hamburgler Artists, They would make $14,210. flipping burgers and delivering congestive heart failure with a little slice of attitude and entitlement during that amount of time... 


So, Offering say $500.00 for something that took that kind of time to create would be considered a slap in the Face. Now, we know not everyone has $15K sitting around. We get it. We have plenty of other things available for budgets under $3K. However, If you do have a nice amount in your treasury, consider getting something Rick put his heart and soul into. You won't regret it...

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