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What the Studio Shutdown means...

The Decision to Close the Studio has been very difficult. However, we cannot stay in business when our main 

source of income was taken from us when the Class of 2023 took our project and sold it online in a contest. After

that, the Academy has made it so every project is done in the same way. We lost 90% of our income when they 

did this. We dedicated almost 50 years to creating an amazing tradition, only to have it taken away so that the

Academy could monetize on it and more importantly, own the rights. Without the project, we are nothing less than 

Shit out of Luck! 

Our only choice was to sell all the inventory we have, including the Original Paintings, at prices that ensure we sell them! Once we reach the Deadline and or sell out all the inventory, ALL of our AFA Artwork will be either pulled from the site, marked as "Sold Out!" or we will limit the available options and sell New creations at Full Market Price. We are not completely closing down, but will be limiting production and options. For example; Prints that are 

currently available in the Limited Edition Lithograph category will be listed at Market price after we reach the 

Deadline. ALL Lithographs will be listed at values based on the number of editions remaining. Editions with more remaining inventory will sell for minimum $200.00 per print. Editions with less inventory will sell from $400.00 and up. Canvas Editions will all be limited to One Size and sold for Full Market Value. The size and price is still TBD, but likely will be limited to the 20x24 size which has a Market Value/Price of $850.00.

Because we do not have contracts with future classes, which is guaranteed income, I had to make a decision.

The only option was to shut down most of the production side of the business. I will only be working on an As Needed basis. This will allow me to find a new field, career, or job and not have the responsibilities that come with running the Artwork business as we have. 

Rick will also be limiting his availability and will only take on something that is worth doing. He will continue to 

paint, if he has the desire to do so, but will not be doing anything that is not worth his time. This means that 

personal commissions will only be accepted if someone is willing to pay the market price and also willing to 

wait for him to create it. Rick will focus mainly on all our backlogged commissions and will decide what he 

will do once he finishes everything on the books. Once that happens, he may decide to retire. If that happens,

then we will permanently Close the Studio. 

With that, this is and will be your Last Chance to get a USAFA Class Painting/Print at well below the market value.

If you wait, expect to pay what it is truly worth. The partial shutdown of the Studio will happen after

January 1, 2024. All decisions will be based on both Sales and Available Inventory. 


We are Accepting NEW Commissions on Inventory that is SOLD OUT! This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER ONLY!

If the artwork you are interested in shows that it is "OUT OF STOCK," Please Contact me through the Quick Contact

form at the bottome of this page. Let me know what you are interested in and I will quote you a price. The quote

will be based on wholesale prices and based on each individual piece! Check back often during these last few 

days to see if there are any updated inventory availability...


 Please Do Not send communication through email. In order for me to answer any questions, I must be contacted through the site! The Quick Contact form is at the bottom of this page.


The email has been severely compromised due to spam and will be abandoned or closed in the coming weeks! I am not getting emails because they are buried in thousands of spam emails. 


I am still well behind trying to complete the orders that have come in during this inventory sale. I am completely aware that it has taken too much time as far as some people are concerned. I apologize for this delay, however, it takes me a LOT of time to ship each order. I can only get about 7-10 prints out per day. It literally takes about an hour to do one shipment. I work 100% alone doing this which means I am limited to what I can do to expedite the shipments. Furthermore, I cannot work every day and am not on a specific schedule. Therefore, I try and schedule my shipping to be as productive as possible. I do this by shipping on either Monday's or Fridays. That allows me to get more prints done and out each week than if I were to spend the time needed daily to ship...

That said, everyone who purchased a piece that was highly discounted is getting something that is not only valuable, but something that will last a lifetime. Trust me when I say it's worth the wait. I am working as fast as I can to complete all the orders and promise to get them all out very soon. For Orders that require additional work, like Starlite's, it will take longer. 

With that, I am asking that all that are still waiting to hang on for just a bit longer. I am doing my best but in doing so, I like to remind all that "You Can't Rush Art!" If I rush it, something bad will happen and the result will be less than desirable!

With Respect!

James Broome

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