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1984 "Graduation ParadeOfficial Class Painting. My personal FAVORITE Class Painting! SO COOL!!! Only a few available!!! But 5 Starlites!!!


Starlites Available: Four Paper Starlites, One Canvas. Done Because it's AWESOME!!! Gotta Go and be seen on someone's wall!!!


NOTE: If ordering the Starlites, you can add a Starlite Frame. The Canvas Frame Cost is: $550.00. The Paper Frame Cost is: $650.00. Paper is more expensive because of the mounting process and possible mat addition.


Images: The Images of the Starlite show what the effect looks like with the frame. It Also shows how the external UV-LED makes the effect really POP!



1984 Official Class Painting: "Graduation Parade"- Canvas Editions

PriceFrom $30.00
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