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Insuring your Artwork is one of the most important things you can do. When you purchase a work of art by Richard Broome, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity, COA, and Original Appraisal.


Your COA & Original Appraisal is proof that you own an Original work of art by Richard Broome and sets the value of the artwork. We always show "Replacement" Value which is what it would cost to have your art replaced exactly how it was when you first got the art. Replacement Value is also Fair Market Value. We sell most of our artwork for Retail or Wholesale values so you Always get a LOT more than you pay for.


Your COA & Original Appraisal is good for about 5-10 years from purchase. It is a good idea to have a new appraisal done on Original & Derivative (Starlite) Original works every 5-7 years. For Canvas editions and Lithographs, every ten years is adequate.


The cost to do a new COA & Original Appraisal is based on the artwork. Canvas editions and Lithographs cost $75.00 per replacement. Original & Derivative Original COA's & Appraisals cost $200.00. The increased cost is based on the time to do the appraisal.


You will be sent a digital copy of the appraisal when completed and will also receive a hard copy via mail. 


Time to complete your COA & Original Appraisal is about 1-3 weeks from purchase...


If you are having an Original Appraised & Certified, you will be contacted for specific information to include: Digital Photographs.

Certificate of Authenticity & Original Appraisal...

PriceFrom $75.00
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