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1984 "Falcon Football" was done as a cover for a AFA Magazine. The Original was then digitally changed to add in the 5 Great Coaches in AFA Football (Before Calhoon who's Also Great...) 

The Canvas Editions are all counter signed by AFA Best Coach of All Time and Best Accent of All Time, Coach Fisher DeBerry. The Remaining Prints are Numbers 1-5 out of 12. 


This is actually a VERY VALUABLE and Limited Series with only 12 prints done and only 5 Left. Because of the Value, they are not discounted like the rest of our inventory. BUT, They are discounted from List Price which is what they have been for sale for. Folks, this IS a Collectors Item and worth 3-5 times the offering price. One went at auction for $2,200.00 not long ago...


About the Painting: This painting is EXTREMELY Detailed. The game was the most iconic game in AFA History (At least to a lot of FF Fans!). It was the first time the Fighting Falcons BEAT Notre Dame. The actual play on the field in the painting is when QB Marty Louthan was clear for a TD and the Turf Monster came up and tripped him on about the 5 yd line. Every Player is in the Exact position they were on that play. Even the Refs! How's that for a historically accurate piece! Go Blue!


NOTE: Please Note that the Inventory shown is for 5 editions. However, due to the fact we are offering framing for this piece, it tricks the site to thinking we have 15 editions. This is Not Correct. I will manually adjust the inventory with each sale...



"Falcon F'N Football!" GO BLUE! Fisher DeBerry Editions-Signed

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