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UPDATE: Exciting News!!! I found more of the smaller sized editions today and a few more larger sizes. But that's not Exciting News. I Also Found 2 Starlite Editions. These were found in a place I hadn't checked. Both are almost done and won't take much to finish. They come unframed with a light bar but if you want to purchase the frame for an additional cost, please message me after purchase for pricing...


"Fired Up!" & "Spirit of the Academy" was one of the best selling works Rick has ever done of the Academy. We don't have many left, but we do have some and they are all priced to move. Most of the inventory on canvas is on "Bulldog" canvas and will take time to unroll. It was a rigid canvas. 


We have a few of the Spirit prints left along with the "Fired Up!" ones.  All said, we have about 60 Canvas Editions in varying sizes. We also have at least 150, 9x12 paper editions. 


All Sales are Final!

"Fired Up!"

PriceFrom $20.00
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