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This Amazing New Release features the C-17 in two distinctinve versions. Version One has a clean background and Version Two shows the "Moose" over an Active Military Zone.


Recent events put the C-17 to the test and the Moose was up for the challenge. This painting is dedicated to the Amazing Crews that went none stop to get our men & women, military & civilian, out of harms way in Afghanistan.


UPGRADE Your painting by changing the Tail Number and Base or add squadron or base patches. We also have the best framing at well below market values. Let us take out the guesswork and more importantly, protect your art with one of our hand picked museum quality frames...


Choosing a Frame finish will change the image to show how it will look with that frame. Also, a profile of the actual frame can be seen by changing the frame style...


NOTE: To Add a tail change & custom patches, first, add the basic upgrades for the artwork. Add the order to your cart and then go to "Artwork Enhancements" under the Online Store Tab to choose these upgrades.

Take it one step further and commission a Starlite Derivative Original. If you purchase a Starlite version of "Going the Distance" you will also receive a free full size signed & numbered lithograph of "Golden Rules"!

"Going the Distance" C-17 "Moose"

PriceFrom $225.00
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