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We are excited to announce that we are accepting Pre-Orders on the E-8 JSTARS. This idea and commission came about after interest from crew members of the JSTARS and the Retirement of the venerable aircraft.


We will offer 3 sizes and may add additional upgrade options depending on the number of orders received. For now, we are accepting pre-orders only. The Deposit is $75.00 and plus shipping options. Balance Due upon Completion. Prices & Sizes below are approximate. All editions will be published at the largest size listed. 


14x20: $195.00

18x24: $245.00

20x26: $295.00


NOTE: ALL Pre-Order Deposits are a committment to purchase once the artwork is completed and published. NO REFUNDS, NO DISPUTES, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you committ to the deposit you are affirming you will purchase and pay the balance upon completion.


YOU CAN'T RUSH ART! We will do our best to finish this project in a reasonable amount of time but to rush is to make mistakes. We pride ourselves on producing the best art for our collectors. The time frame may be a few months to a year from release. Right now, we are looking at about 2 months to have it ready for production...


Thank you!

Broome Studios


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