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The 75th Anniversary painting for the Civil Air Patrol was a tremendous effort by many involved with CAP. From the photography to the SECAF, we had a great team to create an incredibly detailed and authentic painting featuring a CAP aircraft being intercepted by an F-16. The painting was so good, we did it twice!!! The Second iteration is titled Total Force Partners II. This features the same background but with a different view of the Cessna! The reason for two is that the Original, "Total Force Partners" was destroyed in transit from Colorado to DC! It was a terrible loss, but the outcome was two distinct paintings, both with great meaning...


To view the different paintings, click on the Edition Option and the image will change.


We also have limited edition signed and numbered editions available through the Civil Air Patrol. If you would like to order the litho, please email us for information.

Total Force Partners: CAP Original Painting

PriceFrom $195.00
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